5 Ways to Occupy Your Pet While Waiting for a Flight | Guest Post

Are you taking your pet on a plane sometime soon?

One thing that many pet owners struggle with is keeping their pet entertained while waiting for a flight. This can be especially challenging if the flight happens to be delayed!
So, here are five ways to occupy your pet the next time the two of you are waiting for a flight:

1. Interactive Puzzle Games

There are so many different interactive pet toys out there. Never tried one with your pet before?
You would be best off doing this before you travel, so that you can learn which games keep your pet occupied for the longest. Each one provides its own levels of mental stimulation, making them great for entertaining a pet at the airport. 

2. Pet TV

There are quite a few pet TV channels out there now, including plenty online.
Some pets absolutely love curling up in front of the TV and watching their favorite shows. If you are lucky enough to have a pet like this, then all you need is a tablet or a phone while traveling. Either download a few shows in advance, or stream them at the airport for your pet to watch.

Can you use normal TV shows instead? The shows that are aired on pet TV channels will have been specially chosen to appeal to a pet’s hearing and vision. This is why dedicated pet channels are often better than channels designed for humans.

3. Soothing Music

Can’t seem to get your pet to watch TV? Don’t worry, music on its own may work better anyway. There have been numerous studies carried out on the effects that certain tunes can have on pets. Specific tempos and tones can actually directly impact a pet’s heart and breathing rates, as well as their brain waves.
What type of music is best? This may come as a surprise, but research shows that reggae and soft rock tend to have the most positive effects on a pet. Classical music works too, but only for shorter periods of time. Still, that’s all you need to keep your pet occupied at an airport! 

4. An Airport Tour

Airports are filled with so many exciting sights, sounds and smells. What better way to keep your pet occupied than by exposing your pet to all of this? This may not work for pets that are prone to anxiety. However, for those who are more outgoing, simply taking them around the airport is enough to keep them entertained. 
If your pet is quite social and loves to meet new people, don’t be afraid to stop and introduce your pet to anyone who is showing an interest. All of this extra interaction will keep your pet occupied, and will also provide enough mental stimulation to tire them out for the flight. 
One thing to remember is to keep your pet calm, even while meeting new people. You definitely don’t want to be encouraging hyperactivity and over-excitement at the airport before you fly! 

5. Trick Training

Can you think of any tricks you want to teach to your pet? Use your time waiting at the airport to do this. Trick training is an effective form of mental stimulation, and a great way to challenge your pet’s brain.

Flying with a pet can be so much fun, but the waiting period at the airport can often be difficult to get through. Keep these five tips in mind the next time you are traveling with your pet, as they are each fantastic for keeping a pet occupied and entertained while waiting. 

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