How to Save Money On Buying Clothes ft. Spring Lookbook

Spring is here now, and it’s one of my favourite seasons along with Autumn. Spring 2019 was one of the best for emerging with some really great trends. I do believe Instagram plays a huge part in that, and Instagram fashion is now in.

However, not everyone’s money goes as far to be able to afford the latest stylish clothes and in this blog I share tips I use to save money on buying clothes.



Aviator glasses – BooHoo // Sweatshirt – Primark // Culottes – Primark // Watch – Sekonda // Bandana – (can’t remember, have had it for so long! I’m pretty sure it was given by a friend though!) // Shoes – New Look

Are you thinking about full outfits?

Of course, like everybody else though, my wardrobe is limited and so is my coin. Some of us just don’t have the funds to continuously keep up with buying new clothes. What I do like to do is buy clothes I know I can wear and mix and match with others. With this outfit for example, I already had the bandana at home and I knew that would go so well with the sweatshirt and the culottes.

A rule I always discipline myself with when searching for clothes is what would this go with? And if there’s nothing it’ll go with, I’ll either get a full outfit for it to look great with, or I’ll put it back down and pick something I know will go with the clothes I already have. A lot of us pick up an item and it could be pretty, but then when we get home there is nothing it will go with.

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Cap – BooHoo // Sweatshirt – Fila // Tracksuit pants – Primark // Shoes – Fila

Remember trends are just trends..

There are many trends that surfaced this season like the neon trend, the snakeskin trend, mesh wear and so on. But a lot of us forget that trends are simply just that.. trends. They will die down sooner or later and what you’ll be left with is a wardrobe full of clothes that were in style but are not anymore. New trends pop up everyday, so instead of wasting vast amounts of your money on clothes that will eventually not be ‘in’ anymore, what I like to do is grab a few items.

For example, with the whole neon trend, what I did was purchase three neon items (a coat, a bumbag and some socks) and called it quits. This way I spend less money buying clothes I know I wont wear two months later and invest in clothes that I know will be worn consistently. This is how none of my clothes go to waste, unless I grow out of them or if I’ve decided they’ve been worn a little too much, which brings me to my next point..

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Cap – BooHoo // Top – Primark // Jeans – Vero Moda // Coat – Primark // Earrings – New Look

If you won’t wear it more than once, forget about it

Unless you’re searching for something for an upcoming event that you know will only be worn once, maybe you should start thinking about the practicalities. As much as clothes are a way to express yourself, they also serve a basic purpose: to make sure we are not nude. I know that’s a sour way of looking at it, but I only ever buy clothes I know will be worn again. If I lack in something eg. tracksuit pants, hoodies, skirts, I’ll make sure to get more of those next time I go out.

If you went out to get yourself a coat because it’s cold and you don’t have a proper one, don’t come back with skirts and shorts. What you get can still fit with your sense of style and also fill the role of keeping you warm.

Do you have any tips for saving money on clothes?

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3 thoughts on “How to Save Money On Buying Clothes ft. Spring Lookbook

  1. Great tips! I’m quite lucky that I’ve pretty much always shopped for a similar style so a lot of my clothes go with lots of things, and it makes shopping a lot easier. Totally agree with the wearing more than once rule too! Unless it’s for a really special occasion, you need multiuse outfits x


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