Two All Primark Outfits ft. Stripes

Neon Outfit

Back to Neon

Back at it again with the neon. Not gonna lie though, I’m actually loving neon colours. They’re so fun to pair with and I’m liking the vibrancy.

This outfit however is bright but is also humbled with the dull grey.

Neon Outfit

Neon Outfit

Neon Outfit

Hat – €4 // Sweatshirt – €10 // Bumbag – €8 // Joggers – €7

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Red & Blue Combo

OOTD Red and Blue

OOTD Red and Blue






Culottes – €5 // Shoes – €5 // Top – €4

This outfit is definitely cheaper, and more simple. I love red and blue together, and just thought this would go great together.

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Do you shop at Primark?

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