The NEON Trend

I’ve been loving the neon trend, however it’s kinda hard to pull it off without looking like a traffic cone or highlighter. I’ll be sharing how I put a neon outfit together and what outfits I’ve been loving. Links will be added for the posts!

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I’m currently rocking ombré dark green braids, so my outfits have to be well thought of in advance. Most people would think green and yellow? eugggh. But I was actually feeling this whole ‘fit.

Shoes: PUMA

Bag + Jacket : Primark


I did not discover this post by @koleendz until I watched Denzel Dion’s video and he included this in it. But I mean, breath taking right? The purple and pink with the white snow and the pooose!


The reflective trousers with the neon yellow top, I actually love. So pretty!


This is my favourite because of the 90’s style outfit and then the neon colours, just so iconic.

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14 thoughts on “The NEON Trend

  1. You are SO right! It’s pretty hard to pull it off when you’re super pale too and look like a school crossing guard lol You pull it off so well!

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