What I Have Saved In My Clothes Collection on Instagram – 10 Outfits for Fall Fashion

It’s officially fall, and Instagram and Pinterest has been my biggest inspiration for finding looks. In a way, Instagram has become my secondary to Pinterest, since they’ve recently added the ‘save’ button to their app. Since then, I’ve been going on the explore page religiously every day searching for outfit to add to my ‘Outfit Inspo’ collection, and I’ve gathered up quite a few. I’ll be sharing 10 outfits, or parts of the outfits that I love and will leave their @ (handle) in the photo.

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I’ve been loooving tartan designs recently, and you’ll be seeing a lot of tartan as well throughout this post. Since pink is one of my favourite colours, I love how girly this looks and it would be so cute pair with a similar designed jacket. Would I wear this for fall though? Hell no! It’s wayyy too cold right now in Ireland, but in the summer, I would definitely wear this.


Back with the tartan! I actually love the yellow in this. Personally, I don’t think I’d be able to pull off that colour, but I would definitely try this outfit with maybe a red or a blue. It’s so vibrant too! I like how all the colours go so well with each other, like the red lettering on her shirt matches her shoes.

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Realising as I’m writing this that nearly everything I’m about to post here has tartan in it. This dress is soo cute though, and such low effort. I’ve been kind of into those indie clothing vibes recently.


Yes, I think this outfit is cute. But the only thing I would change to personalize it and make it more my style is wear a pair of black converse with it instead, and not have the socks over lapping the trousers. However, when I think of fall and October, this outfit is soooo that. Her hair goes with the bottoms, which is a great colour combo.

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I love every bit of this outfit. Over sized jackets have become my thing over night. Brown jackets are such an easy colour to pair with anything.


Fanny bags or bum bags are so cute I think! Like, what a better way to carry around the bare minimum around with you, without having to drag around a big heavy bag on your shoulder, full of things you probably don’t even need. I think fanny bags force you to be more minimalistic, and plus, it stays around your body so there’s no fear of losing it.

Back to the outfit, I think it’s so simple and effortless and that’s why I like it.

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I looove the skirt! Jumpers and denim skirts seem to be like some kind of trend at the moment, and I am living for it.


Back to the jumper and skirt trend, loving the khaki colours and the belt. And plus that jumper looks sooo comfy.

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My Favourite One…


This outfit may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I actually adore it. The luminous green and black combo is giving me so much life, and the nails! It actually looks pretty comfy too, and I would actually wear this for fall.

What are your thoughts?

xo caro

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7 thoughts on “What I Have Saved In My Clothes Collection on Instagram – 10 Outfits for Fall Fashion

  1. Wow at the tartan 2 piece, I think I would feel like a Bratz doll and I would be loving it! Love all of these outfits. I wish I suited oversized jackets. The bum bag outfit and the orange jumper outfit are definitely goals. I have been loving bum bags and have been trying to find the prettiest ones! I love the green and black combo too, great post lovely I have got some inspiration!! xx

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