Moving Out for The First Time

Moving out for the first time is indeed a scary and exciting experience. It’s a day to anticipate rather than dread. There is no exact age to move out, but people usually do so in their young adulthood years. Personally, I have not moved out yet from my family home, but I will be doing so next September. Because I like to plan for things, I’ve made a list of things that may be of use to other young adults or college students that may decide not to live on campus, and will need things around the house, but won’t even know where to start.

I did not know where to start, so in this blog post I’ll be sharing some things I saw online that would look cute for a room or in the kitchen, or just everyday essentials at the best price for the best quality.

Letter Tray

letter tray.jxr.pngThis letter tray from Ikea (my favourite furniture store) goes for €9, and it’s decorative and just an easy way to organise yourself. I always lose letters, so having something like this could make life 10x easier.


holo pillow

Holographic pillows are something I would definitely include in my décor. I suppose it’s all about how you would like to decorate, like if you are going for the minimalistic or dull colour kind of look, maybe a holographic pillow would not be your thing. I found this on Amazon for 10 dollars, here is the link to it.


vacuum cleaner


Unless you have wooden floors, a vacuum is an essential. Right now, I have carpet in my room and I don’t know what I’d do without a vacuum. A sweeping brush can never do the same job, and a dirty floor is just not worth it. It is worth it to invest in a good vacuum though that will last you a long time. The Dyson vacuums never disappoint, you can find them here.


rug.pngThis high pile rug from Ikea comes in different colours. It’s 80 cm X 80 cm so it’s pretty big. And also at an affordable price of €13. I think it’s great to have a rug because the place will always look put together, and it can help tie whatever colour theme you’re going for together.



I stumbled upon this cool silver framed pin board on Etsy, and it is definitely on my wish list. It’s a stylish way of having your own planner up on the wall and pinning a few pictures up to give the place a more homely feel.



When I first saw this lamp, I fell in love. So chic, simple and sophisticated. This goes for £19 on Amazon. Lamps are always great to have because the light you get from the bulb above, can sometimes be too harsh. Lamps kind of dim the light out.

So, that’s my wish list so far! Good luck with anyone moving out anytime soon!

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