The Stress of Social Media – A Rambling

Social media is supposed to be fun, right? It used to be a place where people connected to the rest of the world. I remember being so excited to go home from school to text my friends in that group chat that at least every friendship group has. People are still connected through the internet, but it’s changed drastically in my opinion.

The past week, my phone broke. And the first thing that came to mind was how am I going to post on Instagram?! Yep. Not how am I going to contact everyone or how am I going make/answer important calls. I worried about keeping up posts on my Instagram.

The Stress of Social Media - Caroo Makeup Blog
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Now I have posted nearly every day on Instagram, put up a story everyday and engaged as much as I could since I started the account two months ago. The reason why I didn’t have an account already was because I did not want to get sucked into that hole that many seem to be in. Pondering on what to post next, how to keep up with the feed, if it looks aesthetic enough.

Instagram used to be fun for me, but then I started thinking too much about it. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love posting on my blog’s Instagram. I love taking pictures for it and seeing something and thinking wow, that would look great! Now, I feel obliged to post everyday, like it’s a job or something. It became a habit and I realise now that I begun posting because I felt like I had to, not because I wanted to.

And you see this almost too much nowadays. People are inclined to post a story or a picture, just for the sake of not being forgotten about. I can’t even count the amount of times I thought I haven’t put up a story in ages or I haven’t posted anything in ages, people are going to forget I exist. But if you really think about it, why the eff do you even care about those people. If they don’t notice you, why does it even bother you? Why do people care about whether or not other people acknowledge them. What are they to you.

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I think most people who use social media, and bloggers especially, have stressed about things like likes, followers and feeds. In a way, social media is a way to boost our ego. It can also be a way to deflate ourselves as well. I used to care so much about how many likes a picture I put up got. I used to stress until it got to a point where I was happy. I remember thinking yeah, that’s an acceptable amount. I used to be nervous posting something online.

But once you stop caring and realise how silly you’re being, over Instagram, you feel more free. You post whatever you want, when you want. It’s that simple.

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What do you think?

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25 thoughts on “The Stress of Social Media – A Rambling

  1. This is such a great post, I think we all need to remind ourselves this from time to time. Thank you for such an honest, real post.

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  2. Oh wow. I used to be active on IG, but I am not anymore since last year. Idk it’s not that exciting as it used to be..

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  3. Agree. We can so easily get carried away and get sucked into it, then we get to a point where we don’t enjoy it anymore. I still like posting on social media, but I made it a point not to pressure myself to post too often. For one, quality is more important than quantity and two, like you said, it’s silly to get stressed over instagram. At the end of the day, we gotta put ourselves first and do what works best for us.

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  4. I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to this lol. I only started a few months ago and I found myself stressing out so much about posting everyday, not being forgotten, growing followers, etc. Now I’m just taking it at my own pace and just having fun with it. Thanks for sharing

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  5. I have temporarily quit Instagram for this very reason. I haven’t been feeling it lately and was dreading every single day, knowing I “needed” to get a post out there. It’s crazy what social media does!

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