The Importance of Never Giving Up

Welcome back to my blog. This is a post about the importance of having goals and ambitions. I think it’s so crucial, especially coming into your teens and young adult life to have dreams, and to want to fulfil those dreams.

Obviously, none of us will never truly always have it together. And if you do, congrats to you! But for most of us who are striving to get there, it’s so easy to feel discouraged and to just stop trying when we are hit with obstacles.

The Importance of Never Giving Up

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I was so closed to giving up on everything I worked so hard for a few weeks ago..

I was so overwhelmed with everything. Nothing was going my way, and it still isn’t. But one thing I realised while going through this giving up phase, was that nothing ever goes according to plan, especially in life. I watched a short film the other day on YouTube called Here’s the Plan. It’s about a couple who plan out their future together, but nothing goes according to plan. It reminded me of my situation.

I remember telling myself what the plan was for my future and when anyone else asked me, I recited it like it was actually going to happen like that.

I am going to study Occupational Therapy in college. Then after, when I’m 23 and have saved up enough money I’m going to move to London with my husband. I’m going to have 2 kids, a boy and a girl and we’ll live in a 3 story house.

Looking back on it now, I laugh so much at what I used to tell myself, and people, what will happen. I even felt insulted when anyone I told looked at me incredulously, and like I’ve lost my mind. I was so defiant when my mother told me life doesn’t work that way.

The first obstacle that messed up the whole ‘plan’ was when I didn’t get enough points in my Leaving Cert to study Occupational Therapy. I thought it was the end of the whole world. I remember thinking well there goes your future. I’ve always tried to be as organised as possible, which is great. But you can’t organise life. I soon learned that it wasn’t the end of the whole world, when I went to study mental health nursing. I now have first year completed, and to be honest, I couldn’t be more happier with the course I chose. I feel like I chose the right path.

The Importance of Never Giving Up

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I can’t plan everything. And for anyone else who is struggling with the same thing, everything will work out. It doesn’t work out without the effort put in by you though. Which brings me to my next point, you can not go through life without any ambitions or goals. To be honest, people who have no goals or ambitions, kind of freak me out. Like, how can you not have a dream or want to be somebody? Whether it’s travelling, or moving to another country, or getting that car. It’s important to have goals, what kind of purposeless life are you leading if you don’t have any.

Success means something different to everybody. For me, success is being financially stable and having someone that loves me just as much as I love them. For someone else, success could be having a loving family and their dream house.

What I’m trying to say is, you will not reach that goal unless you put in the effort. You can’t just sit around and wait for stuff to happen. And do not get into the habit of giving up easily. When things get too hard, try and find a solution. It will all work out.

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20 thoughts on “The Importance of Never Giving Up

  1. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your story. Many things don’t go as we plan but in the end is for the better. I am happy that you are enjoying your course and I wish you all the best! ❣️❣️

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  2. Incredible positive outlook on life. You’re right you can’t plan everything to happen in life, life was designed for us to have obstacles and challenges. We were meant to fail so we can understand how strong we can become. I really like this post, a nice reminder to not give up on yourself and be your biggest fan.

    Natonya |

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  3. I totally understand. I’m the same way. I made so many plans in high school before college. Nothing seemed to pan out after college so now I’m back in school studying pre-pharmacy. Hopefully this plan works out…

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  4. This is such a lovely and inspiring post. I definitely know where you’re coming from – sometimes something goes wrong and you feel like your whole life is over, it can be so hard to get back from that! But I agree you just can’t plan what life is going to be like, it can be so unpredictable! Xx

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  5. Such an inspiring post. Glad you like the course you are on now. I had so many goals in my younger years but unfortunately most of them did not happen. But I love my life now and that’s all that matters. Thanks for sharing 💕

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  6. Such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing a little bit of realness about your life. I am glad you have found a course that you enjoy. I agree, success is different to everyone but its good to have ambitions and goals whether big or small. Thank you for an inspiring post.

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  7. This is such a lovely post, though I am kind of one of those people who doesn’t have those big goals, I just kind of take one day at a time as to not freak myself out that nothing is going as planned, works well for my mental health ^^

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