Glitter Junkie Metallic Eye Pigment – Hit or Miss?

I picked up this Glitter Junkie metallic eye pigment in the city, along with a load of other things I plan to review. If you’d like to see a sneak peek of what I’m reviewing this week check out my Instagram stories, at the makeup highlight, where I give snippets of the products. I was drawn to this because I love purple, it’s actually my favourite colour, and I bought it for €2. Read on to see if it’s a hit or miss.

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primark product honest review caroo makeup

primark product honest review caroo makeup

At first, I thought this product was terrible. I swiped it and I was so disappointed. It was like baby oil with chunks of glitter, and I was shocked at how bad it was. It creased in my eyelids, and gave a glossy, greasy look when it’s supposed to be an eye pigment. I realised I was applying it incorrectly when I noticed the swatch on my hand had dried up, and it looked amazing. Basically, how you apply it, is you apply as much as you want for as much pigmentation as you want and close your eyes and let it dry. I never used a product like this before, and when I applied it to my eyes I was so much more satisfied.

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The applicator is really interesting. It’s this small tube that squirts out the eye pigment. It’s cute and small and you can carry it around everywhere with you. I applied it as a highlight once and it looked so cool. On really dark skin tones, this pigment would look breath-taking. Even on fairer skin tones though, this would still look stunning on the eyes. It’s the perfect summer glam eye pigment, in my opinion. And for it to be only €2 is a catch.

primark product honest review caroo makeup



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xo, Caroline

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