BUDGE PROOF Summer Makeup Routine

I’ve posted go-to glam looks before —> My Go-to GLAM Makeup Look | Drugstore Products Only! but I haven’t published one for the summer! So here is my go-to summer makeup.

I like to keep things simple for summer. It’s hot and people can get sweaty, so makeup wears off quickly. This makeup routine is BUDGE PROOF, and shouldn’t wear off your face (unless you swim or something).

  1. Skin care 

    Before you apply makeup, skin care is always first! You could have dirt on your face from the day before that you can’t even see. So starting off with clean skin is a must. (BTW: I might post a skin care routine blog post soon!). I talk about some of the products I’ve included in my Primark haul post. What I do is I apply my skin care and then moisturize.

  2. Eyebrows

    Eyebrows need to be secured! I try to follow my natural eyebrow shape. First, I fill them in with powder or outline them so I have a guide for my next step. I then use an eyebrow wax to fill them in so they’ll be a tad darker. Lastly, *this is important!* I set my eyebrows like you would ‘bake’ on your face, with a dark loose setting powder. This locks them in place because eyebrows are the #1 thing that wear off/wax off in heat. I like to keep them in place. I carve out my eyebrows with concealer to give it that ‘halo brow’ look.

  3. Eye look           

     32868400_1728251873909087_1175688207119941632_nFor summer, I like to keep things simple. I find that when it’s summer and I’ve so much free time, I tend to do things spontaneously. To be ready for anything, a simple eyeliner can make you look put together, without all the hassle and blending of a smokey eye look. 

  4. Foundation Primark haul - just under €15 ! Caroo makeup blog

    I don’t really mind what foundation I use during summer because it’s all about the powder that really matters. I like to use one that will perform like BB cream. In the hot season, I enjoy wearing medium-no full coverage foundations.

  5. Powder

    I don’t actually have a picture of the powder I use, but here’s a picture of what I use. I use a cheap banana setting powder from Primark. It’s actually not bad, and stays on all day without budging. This is the important step. I use a beauty blender to apply the powder and I place this everywhere, and I mean everywhere apart from my brows. I kick this off with a powder that’s actually my skin tone.

    Click here for source
  6. Contour

    I use a bronzing powder first to warm up my face. I place this on my forehead and chin, and cheeks. I go in with a contour powder on my cheekbones and the side of my nose.

  7. Blush

    I use the Mo’mineral blush. I have a review on this and their products. I use blush lightly because I don’t really wear it that much nor do I really like it on my face that much.

  8. Highlight

    As always, I go in with my Gold Digger highlight, on the top of my cheekbones, tip of my nose, cupid’s bow, chin and under my eyebrow. To mute all this highlight down, I blend in the highlight on my chin, cupids bow and nose with my face powder.

  9. Mascara

    I like to use a small amount of mascara because it can wear off. I use mascara on my top eyelashes lightly, and apply on my lower lashes. I use the Essence ‘Volume Stylist’ lash extension mascara.

    Click here for source
  10. Lips

    To be honest, in summer I rarely wear lipstick. I actually just wear lip balm or Vaseline, and I’m good to go.

  11. Setting spray

    With the Urban Decay setting spray, I spritz this all over my face and the look is done!

What budge-proof makeup products do you recommend?

xo, Caroline

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19 thoughts on “BUDGE PROOF Summer Makeup Routine

  1. I love these tips and products! I find it quite interesting that you set your brows with setting powder, I need to try that! My brows are always moving around haha! Great post! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely stunning, I really love your eyes and highlight!! xx Also, I have to check out Essence mascara. I’ve been using L’Oreal for a while when it comes to mascara, but I really want to switch it up a little bit. Lovely post!! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

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