The Best Self Care Routine

Self care is something that has become vital to me. After two years of stress and anxiety, I’ve found that taking time out for yourself to relax and reflect is crucial and important. It benefits all aspects of life – physical health, mental health and relationships with others. When you do not take time out to care for yourself and unwind, you are under constant stress and frustration.

I started self care routines last year, around October. I’ve always been a stressful person, always worrying about things and working hard. I’ve always done things to the best of my ability. It was starting to take a toll on me, trying to multi-task. Being a full time student, a blogger and trying to haveΒ a social life. I realised I never had time for myself. I never spent time with the most important person in my life… myself.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my self care routine. I feel this routine is the best, and truly relaxes me. I hope this helps you as well.

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Light a candle or incense


Lighting a candle/incense (or in my case, both) is great for relaxing. It creates a chill mood and makes the room smell amazing. It’s almost like treating yourself. I always use these incense sticks made in India called Pure Chandan.

It is made of premium Masala incense (whatever that means) and natural herbs. The smell is so strong and lovely. What’s best is that the packaging is eco-friendly, and free of animal-by products!



A friend of mine actually brought by these candles, and since then I keep getting the same ones! They’re simple tea candles and they give off a vanilla scent. Only costs around €3 too! I love the dimmed light candles give.


I have only recently tried yoga, and I absolutely adore it. The stretching can be painful but once you release that stretch, it’s such a relieving feeling. It’s also brilliant for relaxation and great to do in the morning or night, when you wake up or are about to sleep. It’s great for self care because you are allowing time with only yourself and forgetting about your issues and problems for about an hour or so. I highly recommend it.

Watch a movie or read a book

Start reading that book you’ve always wanted to read but haven’t had time to, or watch that movie you scrolled past but saved to watch for later. Leisure time is important for everyone and sometimes all it takes is just your favourite food and a movie/book.

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Pamper yourself


Taking a shower/bath is the best time out for yourself. I use the Radox ‘Stress Relief’ bath soak with this bath sponge. I’ve featured this bath sponge on my Primark Haul where I give an honest review of it.

I like to also do some face masks, and hair care while I’m taking a shower.

Coconut time


I loooove coconut oil infused products. Coconut oil has always been good to me. I like using this Tesco brand body lotion and coconut oil for my hair.

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That concludes my self care routine!

What’s your self care routine?

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21 thoughts on “The Best Self Care Routine

  1. When I don’t take time to care for myself, it seems like nothing else seems to go right. I’ve realized that I can’t pour from an empty cup. I love candles. They can make just about any environment feel relaxing! Great tips.

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  2. A long relaxing bubble bath with some scented candles and a calming playlist is one of my favourite ways to unwind. Sometimes I’ll pop on a face mask as well. Followed by some tv, reading or adult colouring.


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