Uni’s Over – Now What?

This is a more personal post, I’ll be sharing my goals for the summer and what I hope to get done for the summer!



This summer I plan to work 10 x more harder on my blog. I have so many new ideas so I’m excited to follow through with them. I wanna switch up my photography skills, save up for a camera, go self-hosted and just grow. I wanna get to know more bloggers as well. I feel like I have no blogging friends? Lol. I wanna go to a blogging event, I just want to do so much eeek.


Since Uni started, I have been really slacking on my body. I have never been a gym junkie or one to work out or go for runs. This summer, it’s time to change that. I want to have a toned stomach by the end of August. I’m going to post my progress on my blog, I can’t wait to post that too!


Because of exams, my diet has gone down the drain. It’s embarrassingly bad. Basically anything that can fill me up that quick and easy to prepare, is what I’ve been consuming. As a result, my skin has just suffered. I’m going to prepare more healthier foods for myself and just be more healthier overall.


Last summer was tragic. I literally stayed in the house, and barely did anything. I feel like doing more stuff this summer, I have events and festivals planned out that I want to go to and I’ll be working aswell. So, at least I won’t be idle.


Realistically speaking, I won’t be able to get my full driver’s licence this summer. But getting my provisional is something that just needs to be done. So that by December, I’ll have my full licence and a car with money I’ve saved up, which brings me to my next goal ———>


I am that girl who spends money unnecessarily. I want to save up for a car and my second year of college. College isn’t fun when you don’t have the funds. Trust me. So, for second year, I want to be prepared.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s goals for the summer! What are yours?

xo, CarolineConnect with me!

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