Spring Favourites 2018 ft. Caroo Makeup Kimono

Hello guys! So it’s been a minute since I uploaded a blog post but I do have legitimate excuses for this. I have been studying for exams for college, been going to my placement and also just trying to relax. So I’m pretty busy at the moment. But as soon as exams are over I’m gonna begin posting again my OOTWs, my TV reviews, beauty posts and so on. So please just bare with me!

Anyways, this post is about my Spring Favourites 2018. I think having seasonal favourites is better than having monthly favourites because realistically speaking, I don’t have that many favourites in one month.

spring favs full photo 1

A lot of these items I have already featured on my blog, but there are a few new items that have not made an appearance yet. I’ll leave a link to every item, if I can find it online.

Nutrafix Shampoo & Conditioner

spring favs hair stuff

This shampoo and conditioner can be found at your nearest pound / two euro shop. It’s so cheap, €1.50/£1.30 for the shampoo and the same for the conditioner. And because of how cheap they are I’m just surprised at how good they are. I’ve seen them on the shelves for a while now, almost a year I’d say, but have never tried them out because of their price. I assumed that because it was cheap the quality would be shit.


The consistency is amazing, a little bit can go a long way and it has strengthened my hair since I last used it.

The shampoo does exactly what it claims to do on the front. However, one con that I did find using this was that the moisture in my hair was stripped down. Which is understandable because shampoo’s do tend to strip the moisture from the hair.

The conditioner does restore the moisture though, and obviously I would moisturize my hair with oil anyway straight after. I loved the conditioner because I love argan oil so I like using hair products that are argan oil infused.

One thing I would recommend is to use these two products together as they perform better when used together.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Facial Scrub

I have already posted a review on this facial scrub, click here to read it. This is my favourite skincare product all spring because it’s the only one I’ve really stuck with and been pleased with the results. A lot of people get confused about the purpose of the scrub though. It is to make your skin more radiant.

Personalized Kimono

This kimono has been my favourite thing all year. I love personalized items. And if you do too, this is the perfect site for you to get something similar. I ordered a kimono, with ‘Caroo Makeup’ written on the back, and surprisingly it’s gorgeous! Especially since clothing isn’t their specialty. Click here to check out the kimono! I got this sent to me, but I still would have bought it because of how affordable it is.

spring fvs full kimono

There are more cute personalized items on personalizedcart.com and there are great gift ideas for family and friends! Because things are personalized it looks like there was more thought put into it.

personalized cart

Primark Sunglasses


Click here for a more detailed post about these glasses. Only €3 in Primark, and I love the colour of it!

PS. Lip Lacquer

spring fav lipstick and glasses

You all know how much I love PS products lately…

PS Lip Kit Matte Collection | Kylie Jenner Dupes | Review

‘Gold Digger’ PS Highlight Review | Best Cheapest Drugstore Highlight??

My Go-to GLAM Makeup Look | Drugstore Products Only!

But one thing that kind of blew me away was this lip lacquer from PS. I think this has been out for a while now and now is the only time I’ve really bothered to try it. But I love it! Pigmentation is on point, it lasts for at least 4 hours until you have to reapply it, and it’s such a great shade and price for the quality given!

There’s nowhere I found online where you can buy it, but just pop into your local Primark, and I’m sure they’ll have it.

Bag & Boots


Bag: Outfit of the Week: Tommy Hilfiger Dupe + Matching Bag (OOTW)

Boots: Jumper Dress & Knee-high Boots | OOTW

These have been my favourite items so far, and I am just obsessed!

spring favs without bag 1

xo, Caroline

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