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black mirror season four review

The highly anticipated Black Mirror: Season 4 came out to start off 2018 with a bang and I was delighted when I saw that it was out. I’ve been waiting for this season to come out for what feels like forever, as I’m sure many fans of the series has too. I fell in love with Black Mirror when I first watched Nosedive, which was my very first episode. I love the way the show is all about highlighting the age we live in and the possible dangers. It’s all about a sort of dystopian future, that’s even more technologically advanced than what we are used to. It’s crazy to think that in about 50 or more years, we’ll all be looking down at our grand children with confusion at technology we may not understand. And only last week, I found out the hidden meaning behind why Black Mirror is called Black Mirror. Supposedly, it’s called Black Mirror because when we turn off our phone screen, our laptops, the TV screen and anything related, we see a reflection of ourselves in the ‘black mirror’ when they’re turned off. Brilliant! Anyways, enough of me fan-girling about the show. I’ll be giving my thoughts on each episode of the new season, and if you don’t want any spoilers then stop reading now. I also want to say that this is the start of a new series on my blog where I discuss a TV show, and give my thoughts on it. I’ll be posting one every month.

black mirror season four review

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USS Callister

The cyber bullying theory.

This was the first one I watched, as I didn’t go in order of the episodes. If you’ve watched it, the main character Robert Daly gets some sympathy from me. It seems he has a lonely life, he isn’t respected in his work place. He seems out of place amongst everyone and is clearly lacking social skills. I feel sorry for him at the start because he has no friends, no partner and just nobody really. However, there are times when I’m like really? You couldn’t have just defended yourself? Parts where his co-worker trips him with his bag and Robert doesn’t say anything. It’s so sad to see that these people are meant to be his employees, but he clearly does not have any leadership qualities.

black mirror season four review uss callister

So when he brings all of those people who have ‘wronged’ him into an alternate, virtual dimension to just make their lives hell, it shows he’s got some kind of balls anyway. And I put wronged in quotation marks because I feel that what those people did to him were not severe enough for a lifetime of torture. Things like not smiling at Robert, or making some snide remark about him were enough to get thrown into a virtual, torturous reality. I feel like this episode highlights how technology can be detrimental to ourselves if misused and abused. I view the whole taking everyone into cyberspace things like cyberbullying. People are so confident when they are behind a screen and feel like they have the power when in reality, they would not say two words to you if it were face to face. That’s why Robert felt so brave in a different reality to say whatever he wanted, treat his ‘enemies’ however he pleased – because he was hiding behind codes and a gamer device. It appears in this reality, he is celebrated and acknowledged and respected, which is more than what Robert desired in his real life.

black mirror season four review uss callister

I think the episode also illustrates the way karma works. In the end, Robert got his coming to him anyway. What I found interesting was the way Robert had broken everyone down so badly that they hadn’t even tried to escape his wrath. Maybe this relates to the cyberbullying theory, and how victims of cyberbullying just give up altogether? Or maybe I’m just overthinking it.

black mirror season four review uss callister

When real life Nanette receives a blackmail message from virtual reality Nanette with explicit pictures on her phone, it reminded me of how dangerous technology can really be. With expert hackers infiltrating your innermost deepest secrets, it’s easy to reveal all.

Episode rating: 4.8 out of 5

Hang the DJ

Romeo and Juliet in the digital ages.

One of my favourite episodes so far. It just warms your heart really.

At the start I was thinking, how outrageous! You’re just going to let a computer decide your fate and who you should be with? Ridiculous. Basically fuming, I was. I was frustrated because Amy and Frank were an obvious match and just destined to be together. It vexed me even more to have to see them go through multiple partners when all they desired was to be together. One thing I loved about this was that I kept watching to see if they would be together.

The rebellion

When Amy figures out the system and they both decide to rebel against the whole thing, I was nervous for them but also just like YESSSS GO FOR IT. When they finally escape, it all makes sense. With a 99.8% match, they are thissss close to being together. But it baffles me, I mean 998 rebellions? I thought the whole plot was brilliant.

Dating nowadays

I can’t help but note that this episode does highlight what it’s like dating now in the age of technology. People swipe right or left on Tinder, they look at their appearances before they can move onto the next step. And even though Amy found a hunk after Frank, she didn’t connect with him and the intimacy was never good between them. Their dating became almost like a chore. People forget that a deeper connection is required in order to really click.



The effects of ‘over-parenting’

I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed with this episode. Considering this was the episode they used to advertise everywhere, I thought it would be… better? Not like the whole story behind the plot. It’s just I wish the ending was more exciting. It was one of those episodes I felt like I could relate to more, considering I also had parents who wanted to keep a close eye on me and not allow me that freedom. However, that was all that really spoke to me. This episode also had a sense of rebellion similar to ‘Hang the DJ’.

How far is too far?

Ever met that one kid who was never allowed to go anywhere or do anything because they had overly protective parents? (Or if you were /are that kid.. I’m sorry). Yeah, that’s the situation that Sara had to deal with. I felt sorry for Sara because she wasn’t allowed independence. She was never allowed to experience the real world – the good and the bad. Ultimately, this effected her overall way of thinking. Kind of screwed her up a bit, didn’t it? Not having that exposure to the real world, just desensitized Sara. Wrong move.




Okay, I just watched this one now and all I could think about was what an effing b***h the main character, Mia, is. Like, OMG. I couldn’t believe she would kill a baby. Like a child that hasn’t even had the chance to live life, never mind her ruthlessly killing his parents. I was shocked. I feel this is one of the best episodes because it just had me glued to the screen. Even though she went through all that to conceal her secrets, karma still got her and she was found out in the end.

You can’t get away with everything

The way I see it is, as soon as Mia threw that dead body into the sea to save her drugged up boyfriend from going to prison, she lost her morals. Not like she was the paragon of perfectionism. She spent the night before on drugs herself. But I feel like she lost her humanity and almost became somewhat of a psycho. I mean, who could live with that their whole life and go on and make speeches like they’re some kind of a role model. She was living a fake life, hiding her true self. Her house, her family and even her personality was all a lie. No one knew the real her, and even I would not have deem her capable of doing something so heartless and killing a number of people who had lives and a family, to cover up her wrongdoings. Although she was careful and covered up her tracks, the effing hamster messed up everything for her.

Okay so, she killed a baby, a father, a mother and a man to cover up one dead body that she might not have even been linked to. Baffles me. Good for her anyway. And even though she still managed to make it to that stupid recital, it was ruined for her because of her own selfish actions. There was no hope for her from the get go.

But what really gets me, is that the baby was BLIND. FFS. The baby wouldn’t have been able to see her there anyway. She could’ve spared his life. Innocent lives shattered because of one unfeeling and cold woman. People can be messed up.



I mean.. what?

Ugh. This is one of the worst Black Mirror episodes in history. An hour I’ll never get back. I mean, what was the point in that episode? I mean.. what? I simply do not understand. I have tried to get the pieces together. Here’s my take on this episode, forgive me if it’s completely wrong.

Judgement day

How I see it is humans are finally being judged and tried for their actions thus far. Mankind obviously built and invented this death trap. But for what purpose? If we stop and ask ourselves, why this killing machine is there, we realise that it’s for that purpose and the people who built it intended for it to be used on other people. However, that was clearly thrown back in their face. With their own immoral intentions backfiring on them, the human race had to pay the price.

Was it even worth it?

The episode is shot fully in black and white. It seems there is no colour in the world anymore, nobody. We get little information about the characters, not even the main characters name. So who are we to judge whether the teddy bear was worth it. But if it were up to me, I would spare the lives of three people over a teddy bear.

It’s a hard one to understand but all I know is that it’s my least favourite episode.


Black Museum

Along with Crocodile and Hang the DJ, this was one of the more powerful episodes, for me anyway. It evoked all kinds of emotions from me, but mostly anger. I was angry at the people who visited the museum, more than the psychopathic power hungry man called Haynes. Haynes had basically destroyed the lives of many and doesn’t seem to feel any remorse as he repeats the stories to Nish, the young girl who has visited the museum, with pride almost.

How far can technology get us

As Haynes tells his ghastly stories to Nish, he shares them with excitement. He has little regard of human feelings and doesn’t even seem to realise how many lives he has shattered. Much similar to Mia from Crocodile, it seems he will stop at nothing to achieve what he wants. I think that this episode highlights how far technology can go and when there should be a certain limit. There are always consequences and we have already abused technology enough.

A matter of race

The fact that the man imprisoned in the Black Museum is also black and Haynes is white seem a little too uncanny. Maybe this episode aims to illustrate that there is still and injustice or inequality between black and white people, even in the distant future. I also found it mad that all the visitors to the museum were white, and gleefully enjoyed watching a black man suffer without even offering him a fair trial of his supposed ‘murder’. I believe Haynes saw an opportunity, and took advantage of it. I feel like if it were a white man, there would have been more sympathy from the people.

Anyways, justice was served when Nish rightfully avenged her father’s anguish and torment.


So that is my take on this season of Black Mirror. What did you think of it? Season 3 is my favourite still, I’m afraid. Now we have to wait another year or two for season 5. Ugh.

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  1. You went into great detail with all the episodes. All the episodes were super interesting in their own way, but i loved getting your thoughts on them. It’s kinda scary to think about the way that black mirror can turn into a reality if we’re not careful. Specially because most episodes of black mirror end extremely morbid. Great post xx

    Melina |

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