PS Lip Kit Matte Collection | Kylie Jenner Dupes | Review

ps matte lip collection in punk'd

There have always been attempts to dupe the Kylie Cosmetics products, especially her lip kits. Mostly because of their outrageous prices (£360 for a brush set, whaaaaaaat??????!!?). So when I saw that Penney’s Primark decided to come up with their own take of the lip kits, I wasn’t surprised. In fact, I’ve been waiting for these dupes for awhile! They come in three shades: Riot, Punk’d and Lady in Red. Being a purple lips lover, I picked up ‘Punk’d’ in the store. Keep reading on for my honest opinion about this kit! I was so impressed with the price, which is €4 for a matte liquid lipstick and a lip liner.

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ps matte lip collection in punk'd
PS Matte Lip Collection in ‘Punk’d’


For some stupid reason, I discarded the packaging around the two products. I’ll leave a photo of the packaging, but it won’t be mine. The packaging is similar to Kylie Jenner’s and it does have those signature lips icon on the front.

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Liquid Lipstick

ps matte liquid matte collection lip kit punkd
‘Punk’d’ Liquid Lipstick


This liquid lipstick has a very buttery-like consistency. It’s very easy to apply and not dry when you first apply it but, obviously, when it dries down it becomes quite matte. It won’t budge all day if it’s there, but if you eat or drink something it will fade and chip away. Which I was expecting from a €2 liquid lipstick.


10 ml/ 0.33 US FL oz. It feels like there’s a lot of product in there. I feel like it will last two months, but if you use it everyday, it will go twice as fast.


It doesn’t have a specific scent. I would have liked sort of fragrance to mask that makeup-y kind of smell. Even though I don’t like scents in products, I also expect it to smell nice if it’s going on my lips.


I really like this shade, but I feel like it’s already been done before so many times, you know? The classic deep, dark purple is just something that we’ve seen time and time again. I would really love for them to come out with some more vibrant and wacky colours, maybe even dupe some of Jeffree Star cosmetics would be v interesting.

Final thoughts

I really love this lip product and I’ll definitely be using it more for going out occasions and fall/winter looks maybe.

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Lip Liner

ps matte lip collection lip kits review


Very dry, but glides on well if the lips are well moisturized. Perfect pair for this liquid lipstick.


It doesn’t really say on the packaging or the product how much product is in there. But I do see 24m written down, so I’m assuming that is something to do with the amount of product. Please correct me if I’m wrong!


Same as the liquid lipstick – no scent. Can’t expect a scent from a lip liner.


Shade of this is a smidge more lighter than the liquid lip. That does annoy me because I feel like lip liners are there to line your lips (duh) so it’s supposed to be more darker than the liquid lip even.

Final thoughts

Was not impressed by the colour of the lip liner, but it’s still good quality at the end of the day. I just would not use this to pair with the liquid lipstick. Kind of disappointing seeing at the liquid lipstick is great.



So for €4, I really do enjoy this lip kit! Even though it has nothing on Kylie Jenner’s one, it’s still a great dupe. Loved it!

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Have you tried this product before?

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