My Goals for 2018

Goals for 2018 for the new year caroomakeup blog

Goals for 2018 for the new year caroomakeup blog

Hey guys, so I’ve realised that I haven’t blogged about anything personal in a minute. And since we’re going into the New Year in a few hours, I’ve decided to share some of my goals for 2018 and maybe inspire some of you.

(Warning: this is going to be seriously cringing.)

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Grow my blog

I feel like this one is a bit obvious. I started this blog in May (I think???) and I was really surprised that I enjoyed it. I remember starting it because I have a real love for beauty and fashion, but I was too shy to start a YouTube channel, so I thought blogging would suit me more. A goal for my blog this year is go self-hosted (this will probably happen at around May or June in 2018) and to grow my email list. And also, just keep on pushing out those blog posts as well

5 things to do before you publish your blog post

 Grow my YouTube channel

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I started a YouTube channel during summer as well, but deleted all the videos cause I wasn’t happy with them. And if I’m being honest, I had no idea as to what I was doing. I mean, I was making videos but they weren’t interesting or really me. I knew that if I am to really start up my channel again, it will be non – beauty or fashion focused.

I’m still making beauty and fashion videos, but I feel like I talk so much about those topics, especially on my blog , that I can leave the YouTube channel to just upload whatever I want. The goal is to achieve at least 1.5k subscribers at the end of 2018.

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Work on my mental health

I know it’s like.. almost impossible to assume that I can rid of my anxiety just like that because there’s a New Year. But what I want to do that is realistic is to take baby steps and start becoming more active in clubs and societies maybe. Work on my confidence and try not to let anxiety control my life. I am so ready to remain positive this year. I can’t say I won’t have my down days but I wanna keep those down days to a minimum.

girlboss and procrastination


Save up for my student tuition fees and loans

Money, money, money. Must be funny. In a rich man’s world.

I plan to hand around a TON of CV’s around because I need more than one part time job to pay off everything. I wasn’t able to afford accommodation this year close to the university, and even though I live in Limerick, I am around an hour and a half away on the bus.. 2 hours if there’s traffic! So, accommodation is like not possible and I cant afford it so I’m gonna focus on sorting out my tuition fees. Yes, all 7k of it. Don’t you just love owing money? (sarcasm obviously)

Get my drivers licence

I am adamant on getting my driver’s licence by the end of 2018. I don’t see getting a car to be a realistic goal, but getting my licence would be perfect so I can work towards it in 2019. So, during the summer especially, I’ll be finishing all my driver’s lessons and hopefully will have passed my theory test by December 31st 2018. I’ve always wanted to drive because I haaaate public transport and driving just feels more.. independent, you know?

Work on my QCA

For those of you reading that are not from Ireland and don’t know what QCA is, it is when your grades are added together at the end of a semester, your overall results are given to you in numerical form.  Sort of like the SAT’s in America or the GCSE’s (I think??? Lol). Yeah so, I want at least a 3.0 QCA at the end of first year. Because I’ve always been like, obsessed with my grades and all that (yeah, I’m that bitch) and so I’m hardly gonna stop because I’m in college now.

new years resolutions for 2018

I want an athletic body

O m g, how could I forget this one so far? This is a big goal for 2018. I want to look like.. that girl from Kanye West’s music video of the song ‘Fade’. ( click here to see). Her body is insane!! So, she’s kind of an inspiration for me for 2018. I’m gonna start off January doing these fitness challenges and add onto it every month. If any of you guys have a fitness goal, you should definitely check out my Hourglass Figure board on Pinterest.

Cut down on chocolate

Being a real chocoholic is like.. in my blood. And when I’m talking chocolate addict I mean like two bars of chocolate every day (the big galaxy bars), couple of roses or like eclairs and maybe some chocolate muffins. Damn, I even go to Tesco and get the frickin’ chcolate fudge icing that you get in a tub and eat that straight with a spoon. It’s not even funny anymore how unhealthy my chocolate habit is. But to be honest, I feel like I need it??? If anyone has anything to help with chocoholics, please post in the comments!!! I’d even join a Chocoholics Anonymous group at this stage, like I mean it’s bad. Help a girl out x

Start drop shipping or at least try it

I saw something about drop shipping online while scrolling through Pinterest (btw, follow my pinterest). And I’m gonna try it once I have enough spare money to just splurge on it. What is drop shipping?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer.

Sort of like, a middleman thing where the drop shipper would make a profit.

So those are my goals for 2018!!

What are your goals??

xo, Caroline


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4 thoughts on “My Goals for 2018

  1. I love your goals! Growing my blog is a big one for me too! I want to learn how to utilize Pinterest but I have absolutely no idea how! I love blogging a lot more than I thought I would too. The community is so open and loving! I have an entire post on my Resolutions! I hope you reach all these goals and rock our 2018!

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