‘Gold Digger’ PS Highlight Review | Best Cheapest Drugstore Highlight??

PS ‘Gold Digger’ Highlighter

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Hey guys! So, I figured it’s been a minute since I’ve done a review on a beauty product. And while I was shopping in Primark in Limerick city, I saw their range of makeup and I have to admit, they have really switched up their makeup game. They have highlight palettes, concealer palettes, contour and highlight palettes and all for cheap, affordable prices! I know a very cheap drugstore highlight can raise a few eyebrows, but I found this highlight for only €3.50 and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with how well it performed on me! Here’s a review of the product.

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But first!

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PS ‘Gold Digger’ Highlight

BTW: They also have shades of peach, ivory and yellow-gold , I picked up this highlight because I felt it would go best with my skin tone.


The highlight is enclosed in a cardboard packaging, and although there was no case around the product, I find this packaging acceptable. It has a magnet at the end of the case, so it clicks whenever you close it. At least the highlight will not be exposed or can be safely closed whenever! It has no mirror, which I found disappointing as they could have put in a little mirror. But then, with the price, how can you complain about no mirror? You can’t expect a high quality packaging for a cheap price.


There is definitely not a buttery consistency in these highlights, but I have to admit the highlight does feel very fine. When I dip my finger into the product, there is no dent made. So it’s not very putty-like, which I like.


For €3.50, I find that 7.5 grams/0.26 ounces is acceptable. I feel like there is a lot of product for that price.


There is no scent in the product, which I like because I hate when I pick up makeup products and they have a scent.

christmas holiday makeup look


To be honest, when I first swatched the highlight in the store, I was disappointed. It was hard to see any sheen or type glow on my face. But thank God I decided to buy it and give it a chance because when I applied it onto my face with a brush, I was really impressed!

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Trying out the product

Straight after my foundation application, I applied the highlight on using a fan brush (I don’t know which fan brush, the name is rubbed off sorry!). And I was shook. I noticed that if you apply some powder before you apply the highlight, it won’t perform as well. But if you apply it on top of foundation with out any powder, the glow is gorgeous. I took like 2 applications of the highlight to have a satisfied glow. It would be a great Christmas gift for a makeup or highlight lover!

How long before it started to wear off? I would say after around 4 hours, is when the highlight started fading away.

natural remedies to get clearer skin

Is it worth buying? Definitely!

xo, Caroline


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