Holiday Makeup Look: Glossy Silver Sparkle with a Red Pop

christmas holiday makeup look
It’s that time of year again, where all makeup lovers are a buzz thinking of what makeup to try out this year. Christmas is a makeup lover’s dream because not only are you getting new beauty products from friends and family as gifts, but you’re also permitted to try out crazy and wacky makeup looks with tons of colour (red and green are a staple of course).  I came up with this look, and to be honest, I was just winging it the whole way seeing what I would come up with. I’ll be showing you how to get this look in 5 easy steps.

christmas holiday makeup look

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Step One: The Crease

christmas makeup look
With a primed and set base, I took my blending brush and blended in a jade colour into my crease very lightly, using feathery strokes in a windshield wiper motion. To achieve flawless eyeshadow, the importance of blending comes into play every time. I used the green eyeshadow from the Revolution Palette ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’.

Untitled design

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Step Two: Creating the Spotlight

Using the same dark jade colour, I took a flat eyeshadow brush and I tapped on the eyeshadow to my inner eyelid and outer eyelid. This creates a halo eye effect and makes the eyes appear larger. I used light, feathery taps so I can build up the colour.
I took my favourite fuchsia eyeshadow from the Sleek iDivine Makeup Palette and blended it into my crease.

Untitled design

For the glossy glitter, I tried something a little different. I took a sparkling body oil and tapped that onto my eyelid using my finger. Then, I laid down some glitter glue and applied a silver glitter from the Bourjois  Palette.
Bourjois Paris Eyeshadow Palette


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Step Three: The Red Pop

If you have read my lipstick hacks post, where I talk about the different uses of lipstick, then you’d know this hack. I didn’t have a red eyeshadow that was vibrant enough, so I took my brightest red lipstick and a smudging brush and applied that on my lower lash line.


Step Four: The Eyeliner

This look is one of those looks that will just look crazy if there aren’t any eyelashes or liner added.


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Step Five: Inner Corner Highlight

I applied some mascara (obviously) and took a marble white eyeshadow, and applied it to my inner corner. I thought it was only fitting to have the red, green and white in there as well.


xo, Caroline


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