How To Be A Girl Boss

girlboss and procrastination

Now that we’ve come into the age where women are thriving and roles are starting to get reversed, it’s time we motivate ourselves a bit more. Productivity and procrastination are daily struggles for everyone, no matter the gender. I’ll be giving you tips on how to avoid procrastination and staying focused ,  become your own boss all while taking care of yourself.


What does being a Girl Boss mean to you?

Before we even go into how to be a Girl Boss, what the term Girl Boss means needs to be clarified.

The definition of being a Girl Boss can mean different things to everyone. Everyone has a different opinion and a different lifestyle so the meaning of a Girl Boss is something that differs. For example, my definition of being a Girl Boss is getting high grades for my exams, getting good marks for my assignments in college, saving money and being on top of my finances and being a top blogger.

What is a Girl Boss to you?

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Make a List

When pursuing your Girl Boss dream, you need to make a list of all the things you want to achieve before a certain time. Being a Girl Boss is all about independence so write down things you know will help you towards that goal. Writing down your list of goals can remind you of what you really want and what you’re looking forward to.

Personally I find it better when the things I want to be, are pinned up somewhere high where I can see them and remind myself of what I want to do so that I don’t slack.Untitled design

Don’t compare yourself to other women

As women, we make the mistake of comparing ourselves to other women and how they go about things differently. Make sure you understand that everyone has a different path and pace and you should be patient. Don’t feel discouraged if someone has already reached their goal before you.


Avoid procrastination

This is one of the hardest things. Procrastination is where you ponder on things your supposed to get done but just never do it because of… laziness. Read my article on how to avoid procrastination and stay focussed for more tips!

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Positivity is key!

Having a negative outlook on life, results in having negative things happen to you. I’m not saying that if you have an optimistic approach to everything, only good things will happen to you. No, no, no. Life is all about experiences so it is only inevitable to go through some hardships. However, try not to be disheartened or intimidated when something doesn’t go your way. Stay positive and keep trying!xo, Caroline


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7 thoughts on “How To Be A Girl Boss

  1. This is a great post, thank you for sharing! Procrastination is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome but with a little ambition and a lot of notes, you’ll make it if you try.

    I think it’s also important to jump into something wholeheartedly and not a half attempt. I found myself looking for part time work to help pay the bills but found that this undermined my decision to be my own girl boss xx


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this, and love the era of Girl Bosses! I find procrastination to be my Achilles heel, so it’s definitely something I’m trying to work on.
    Positivity is absolutely key! I’ve found most of my inspiration and drive to pursue my dreams when I decide to change my outlook.
    Great piece overall!


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