The Website That Every College Student Needs To Know About

college student website

college student website

As a college student myself, I have to admit it is hard. Keeping up with studying, assignments, work and having an actual social life is somewhat close to being in a living hell of stress. In Ireland, ‘GPA’ is called ‘QCA’. For every college student, just passing their course is enough for them. However, for the ones that want to achieve for a higher grade or need to go onto a Masters or PhD and need a higher grade, read onto discover how I got past these past few weeks easier than most students using a website, that even offers college credit! <a id="XxMkgSHNEjA&offerid=523455.40&type=3&subid=0" href="http://Earn college credit on Shmoop. Over 40 courses in all subjects are considered for credit at thousands of colleges and universities.

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<a id="XxMkgSHNEjA&offerid=523455.5&type=3&subid=0" href="http://Subscribe to Shmoop: your one-stop shop for everything academic. Shmoop is a website that has almost everything every college student needs. From videos on lectures you may have missed one to help and support in crafting the perfect essay. I have been using this website for quite a while now.


Getting a good grade on an assignment can be hard but honestly it’s achievable.

Start off by structuring your work

A lot of students actually forget this step but it’s worth taking an hour of your time to structure and plan out all o your work before you actually begin. Otherwise, it will just be you writing all the information you have to give without any structure to it. The examiner will instantly know that you haven’t taken out the time to plan it out and your losing easy marks right off the bat. Shmoop provides help with planning out essays, I highly suggest you take a look at it. Organisation in college is key.

What style of writing do you plan to use?

This is actually very important. There are many different styles of writing. For example, do you plan on using a reflective style, formal, or humour-like tone? What main points do you plan to get across? How do you plan to get them across?  These are questions you should be asking yourself before you even write down your brainstorm for your structure. If your tone is all over the place, examiners will know and those are easy marks you are once again losing so be wary of that. Focusing on the actual topic of the essay is of the utmost importance.

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Exams & Quizzes

Exams. The most fatal part of a college students life. No college student wants to repeat or even pay money for the repeat. So it is crucial that we perform our best.

Make a study plan.

This should already be known to students that making a study plan can actually improve the overall test score (if you follow the study plan of course!). As a student, I’ll admit it has been hard following these study plans, but it actually pays off when the exam comes and you’ve realised you’ve actually covered every topic. Shmoop gives you practice tests for potential questions that might pop up and prepares you for exams. Since using this I’ve realised that I’ve actually performed better academically.

Study what you need to study.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve studied material that has never even come up on an exam. And I’m talking hours wasted on studying stuff I didn’t need to know, that would’ve been put into studying into stuff that will definitely come up. I know students like to cover everything. But knowing every little detail and cramming it into your head is not the wisest. And if your really struggling, Shmoop even offers <a id="XxMkgSHNEjA&offerid=523455.40&type=3&subid=0" href="http://college credit! Click <a id="XxMkgSHNEjA&offerid=523455.40&type=3&subid=0" href="http://here if you want extra credit!

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Managing your Time

Managing your time can be stressful. You hardly get any time for self-care and relaxation. However, it is actually so important that you do not over work yourself and give yourself time to really unwind and take care of yourself.

Having trouble with time management?

If you’re having trouble with organising your time as a student, it would be best to have a planner. Or if you don’t like planners and just carrying a book around, use an app. I mention these kind of apps where I talk about how to stay organised in college. A planner let’s you know what you have to get done. Relying solely on your memory is a big mistake and you could easily forget something crucial.

Leave the Procrastination Station

Pondering on whether to get that introduction paragraph done or just sleep is what we all struggle with. Procrastinating is everyone’s biggest weakness. My advice is: If you are capable of doing it now.. then get it done now. No need to waste time. A good student always gets things done so that they can rest later. However, like I said before – don’t overwork yourself. If you feel like you are physically or mentally not able to do something, don’t!

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