5 Ways to Improve Your Foundation Application

Foundation. The base of our makeup and what ultimately makes our face flawless. Foundation is important in the makeup community. However, there are a lot of things people don’t know about foundation application that could actually improve how it looks. Many things come into play in order to achieve the perfect foundation application. I’ll be sharing with you tips and tricks on how to improve your foundation application. If you feel like your struggling with makeup in general, it would be best to learn how to improve your makeup skills as well as this.

ways to improve your foundation application

Take care of your skin!

Having pimples and blemishes is only human. Nevertheless, flawless skin is what makes foundation look more natural and impeccable. Good skin can be achieved in a number of ways to improve foundation application. Drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods and cleansers can aid in attempting to get good skin. Our skin is the base of our makeup, so it’s always important to make sure that it looks good before you start applying our foundation. Be sure to moisturize before your foundation application!

Prime your base.

If you haven’t heard about primer then.. have you been living under a rock? Primer is a moisturizing base you put on before you apply your foundation to ensure that it stays on all day. There are different kind of primers that carry out different things such as illuminating your face, blurring out blemishes and pores etc. I mention my favourite one here.

It’s all about the applicator!

Many people think that whatever brush/sponge/applicator we use doesn’t even matter. It actually does matter.. a ton. You may have the most best foundation ever, but how you apply does always come into play. Personally, I use the beauty blender. It’s the best for applying foundation and doesn’t absorb a lot of product.

Get an applicator that doesn’t absorb a ton of product.

With foundation application, we actually lose most of product to the actual applicator. Try to avoid this by purchasing a better brush or sponge.

Use your hands.

I know this seems almost barbaric to use your hands to apply foundation, but hear me out. For this whole year, I’ve been applying my foundation first with my hands. (Washed my hands before of course). Then, once I blended it in with my hands as best I could I took my beauty blender and dab around to make the foundation appear more flawless. This eliminated any streaks or creases. Try it out!

Have patience.

The reason why most people fail to have a flawless foundation base is because they lack patience and won’t give their time to slowly blend out the product. If you are applying your foundation swiftly, stop. Take your time with your foundation application. Don’t be in a rush and you’ll see results.

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How good is your foundation?

Let’s be real here. Many people expect the best from foundation that costs 4 euro from the drugstore. If you don’t have an excellent foundation, do not expect excellent results. And that’s just the reality of it. Having good foundation makes your foundation application so much more easier. Here are the qualities that a good foundation should possess:

  • easy to blend
  • long wearing and long lasting
  • full to medium coverage (if that’s what you prefer)
  • not streaky
  • doesn’t exaggerate your blemishes or pores

Check your foundation, and see if it has at least 3 of these qualities and if not.. boot it. My favourite foundation for a natural finish would have to be the bareMinerals pro foundation. For a more full coverage foundation, it would have to be the L’oreal True Match Foundation.

Setting your foundation.

A lot of people actually forget this step in foundation application. Setting your foundation with powder is so important. It ensures that the foundation says locked in and doesn’t smudge and gives it that flawless look without your face looking all greasy. Be sure not to over-powder though!

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