5 Lipstick Hacks You Probably Never Knew

lipstick hacks


Lipstick is probably the beauty industry most used product that finishes quickly. I’m giving you 10 lipstick hacks you’ve been oblivious to. Instead of wasting your lipstick, or even buying a new one unnecessarily, these tips and tricks will change up your lipstick game, especially during fall season where fall lipsticks are a must.

lipstick hacks

Forget lipstick – use lip-liner!

Surprisingly enough, not a lot of people realise that lipstick can be used as lip-liner. This shocked me as I’ve known this hack for quite a while. Using lip-liner as lipstick is way more affordable. Simply use your favourite lip-liner all over your lips instead of lipstick and if you want a glossy finish, apply some Vaseline! It’s a longer wear and cheaper than lipstick or liquid lipstick. Try it out!


Make your own lipstick container!

Most professional makeup artists use this hack because they have so many clients. Even if you just want to keep all your lipsticks in one place, just so they are more easily accessible. Simply get a container for lipstick and melt all your favourites into one pan. It’s easy as pie!

D.I.Y Lipstick?

This hack might be a little more crazier – well, if your willing to try. Taking the ingredients coconut oil and a crayon (I know!), you can make your own lipstick. Just melt them together and let it solidify!


Thinking about throwing away that lipstick? Don’t!

Now that you know how to make your own lipstick, you’ll need somewhere to put it. So rethink before you decide to throw away that lipstick container. You can simply melt the D.I.Y lipstick into that container. Easy-peasy!

Want to make your lipstick last longer? Try this hack!

We all struggle with lipstick not lasting longer. This hacks prolongs the lipstick wear so it lasts all day! Take your favourite concealer and apply it on your lips, let it dry and slap on that lipstick! I do this with my favourite concealer.

Enjoyed these hacks? Check out my makeup hacks, you’ll learn something new!

Xo, caroomakeup




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