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What to put and include in your bag for college as a student can be tricky. The long, tiring walks through campus can be less exhausting when you know you have everything. Students have it hard. This what I put in my bag for college!


My bag

It’s difficult deciding what to put in your bag for college. Nevermind the actual bag! I use a big handbag, which I don’t recommend as a student in uni because carrying stuff around can get heavy. But I’m just more comfortable like this. I got this bag from Penney’s and it was €12 which is a great deal seeing as it’s so spacious and it has lasted me this long!

My pencilcase

What type of pencilcase you use as a student is not of the utmost important, to be honest. However having a pencilcase when your a student is. It’s more the contents of the pencilcase. I use a simple stripy, colourful pencilcase and it holdd everything I need in it. I got it at the pound store for 2 euro!

What’s in my pencilcase

  • Red pens

  • Blue pens

  • Black pens

  • Pencils

  • Black marker

  • Highlighters

As a college student, I find that keeping a black marker is an essential because it has many uses such as outlining headings, bullet points etc. Highlighters illuminate the most important parts of your notes. Different colour pens also make your notes appear more organised.

My planner

Keeping a planner is an absolute essential for me. It’s where I plan out my day, my assignments etc.

Sticky notes


College means a lot of moving around from lectures to tutorials to labs and as a student it can really take a toll on you. I like to keep extra things with me apart from the essentials I have mentioned. 

Lip balm and lip liner

I always find my lips to dry up and chap more in college. I prefer to keep some vaseline with me to moisturize them. I pair this with lipliner, a bit of a lip hack of mine. 


Hair can get wild, so no matter where I am, you’ll always find me with a hairbrush. 

My purse

Keeping your purse with you as a student is an ovbious one. 

Compact mirror

Toilets on the campus for any college are either far away or not worth the walk to just take a look at yourself and see if you look okay. I suggest keeping a small mirror with you. I got mine for a euro!

Deodorant and perfume

It goes without saying that everyone sweats. I alwayd find myself running late for lectures so it’s handy to keep some spray so that I don’t smell terrible.

Portable charger

Keeping my phone from dying is a struggle nowadays as a college student. I got this portable charger as a freebie and have loved it ever since!

I hope you got some ideas from this post about what to put in your bag as a college student. As students, we have way more bigger problems other than what to put in our bag such as staying focused

Xo, caroomakeup

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