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Hey guys! Yes, I am back from the dead. I have just been so busy with starting off college with my lectures and making friends, that I had absolutely no time to even blog! But today, I said I have to absolutely put some posts out there so I can get back into my regular routine. If you feel like you’re struggling to keep up with all this newfound schoolwork, go check out How to stay Organised During College!

This post is gonna be about staying focused. I can’t even explain how much I have astrayed and wandered off my primary goal the past 3 weeks. I started taking my own advice and I hopped on the right track again! 

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This Week’s Quote

Push yourself, because no one else is gonna do it for you

I cannot stress enough the importance of implementing things that you will be grateful that you did in the future for your own self. After starting college, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important – your degree. To be truly sucessful, start doing things that you will be thankful for. It could be anything, from drinking 2 litres of water everyday to studying that subject you find difficult. Noone will do it for you. 

This Week’s Challenge


Since this blog.post is about focus, it’s almost certain that levels of stress will rise while your out there achieving your goals. Take at least one thing from this list, and apply it to your everyday life for an instant impact on your week and mood!

3 Uplifting Blog Posts I Have Been Loving

  1. This Girl Kathryn’s 7 Healthy Morning Habits that will Change Your Life gives 7 tips on how to start your day with positivity! A must-read!
  2. Pop Sugar’s Good Bedtime Habits because while staying focused we forget to care for ourselves.
  3. Life Hack’s 9 Habits to make you go from Good to Great to inspire productivity in your week!

And there you go! Have you read my Positive Vibes Monday: Self Care post? Check it out!

Xo, caroomakeup

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9 thoughts on “Positive Vibes Monday: Staying Focused | caroomakeup

  1. Podcasts help me in staying positive 🙂 The write yourself a love letter is such a cute idea! I used to write boys I liked that when in school, but never actually gave it to them 😛 It was more for me I guess at that time 😛 Thanks for sharing this 🙂


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