Makeup Tutorial: Brown & Gold Cut Crease | caroomakeup

Hey guys! So, I did this brown and gold cut crease on my sister today! Keep reading if you want to know how I got this look. Have trouble with cut creases? Read my Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Cut Crease for a step by step tutorial!

*all products used will be listed at the end*

1. Transition shade

I blended in my transition shade into her crease. With a cut crease, it is essential to blend in otherwise it will look like a hot mess! I used a warm orange shade that I knew would go well with the brown


2. Crease shade

I took a clean blending brush and went in with my brown shade. This shade is a deep brown, perfect for fall! I followed her natural crease and extended out her wing.


3. Cut the crease

Usually makeup artists cut the crease with a concealer. However, I used a matte foundation which works just as well and even better I think. I used an angled brush and followed her natural crease. 

Cut out the crease

4. Gold shade

I used my favourite highlighter – I mention this in my list of Best Drugstore Makeup under 10 bucks – and I precisely applied this to her lid. 

5. Eyeliner 


Now, so that the eyelook doesn’t look too bare, I applied some eyeliner. Or rather black eyeshadow as I didn’t want it to be too harsh and remain nice and soft. A winged eyeliner with this look is optional.


6. Eyebrows

I did her eyebrows using a brow powder. I followed her natural eyebrow shape. I’ll be posting an eyebrow tutorial on Wednesday!


And we’re done! If you like tutorials be sure to click here for a fiery red fall eyeshadow tutorial!

Xo, caroomakeup

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