Beauty Products Wishlist -August 2017| caroomakeup

Hey guys! So, a lot of products have come out this summer and I (a makeup fanatic) have been quaking. So I decided why not post a makeup wishlist of all the products I hope to get, and I’m sure tons of others too. 

1. The bareMinerals barePro Foundation has caught my eye recently! What really drew me to this was the vast amount of different skin tones they have. As a dark skinned girl, it is hard to find a foundation my shade. As well as it is hard to find a makeup brand that cater to all skintones. I will definitely be trying this out this coming September! 

bareMinerals bare Pro Foundation

2. I struggle immensely with dark circles. I’m pretty sure it runs in the family. I’ve always been on the lookout for a product that could erase these circles, but seeing as I’m an impatient woman, I want something that will have immediate effects on my eyebags. The Trufora Perfecting Eye Treatment is what I’ve had my eye on. With it’s claims to have instant effects, how could I not be drawn to it.

Our anti-aging eye treatment cream addresses all of the specific issues and signs of aging that are unique to the eye area: dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, loss of volume, dryness and laxity of the skin. Immediately brightens the skin with diamond powder. Formulated in a gentle, hydrating cream base ideal for the delicate and easily irritated eye area. The metal tip applicator is designed for ease of use and for a soothing and cooling effect.

3. ‘You can never have enough brushes’. It’s true, you really can’t. Before I started really getting into makeup, it took me some time to actually go out and buy proper brushes. The  Vanity Planet 15 Piece Professional Brush Collection seems like a dream. I’ve read a few reviews on it and will definitely be trying it out.

4. So, I have been in search of the perfect fall lipstick, as is evident when in one of latests posts where I review two potential fall lipsticks – click here to read it! I have found myself in need of a red or mauve lipstick that is not too harsh. That’s why I think I’ll try out ‘Crimson’ shade of liquid lipstick. With Christmas coming up, I think I’ll be definitely reaching for this!

So that’s all! Have you looked at my makeup tutorial for a Fiery Red Fall Eyeshadow? Click here to read. 

Xo, caroomakeup

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