Positive Vibes Monday: Self Care

I think this post is perfect for a Monday! To lift up your spirits, on the most hated day ever! Also to bring my positivity and to brighten up your day.

Taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance. Realising that your body is fragile and so is your mental wellbeing, can save you from tons of injuries.

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‘Do something today that your future self will thank you for’

I think we can all rightfully accuse ourselves of having unproductive, wasteful days. The reason I chose this quote is because we should all carry out actions that we’ll be forever grateful that was done. Simple things like doing a skin mask, cleaning out that chest of drawers you’ve been avoiding, etc. When we implement something like these insignificant tasks, we get a sense of accomplishment. And at least there is no feeling of laziness and unproductiveness.

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Take at least 2 things from this list everyday this week and carry out them out. You’ll see an instant improvement in your week and your mood!

3 Uplifting Blog Posts I have Been Loving

  1. Easy Self Care by Fiorenza Rossini – this is a post about how indulging in self care can benefit your life and it shows the cons of not doing so. It highlights the importance of self care.
  2. 10 Habits to Create a Better Life is an inspirational post about how to gain control over your life and how to alleviate your everyday stresses.
  3. 7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life is a must-read about how changing up how we start off our day can impact greatly on the rest of it.

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I hope you feel inspired to have a good Monday!

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10 thoughts on “Positive Vibes Monday: Self Care

  1. I love this idea! Self-care is so important and I find that we (myself included) often neglect this piece of our mental & physical health! When I’m feeling off and like my mental health is not at its best, I love lighting a scented candle, taking a bubble bath and then giving myself a mani/pedi! Thanks for sharing! xo

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