Smokey Going Out Look using the Sleek iDivine Palette

Hey guys! So I decided to share how I do my eye makeup whenever I’m going out. I use the Sleek iDivine Makeup Palette, I have also written a review on this. Check it out! This is a really simple, yet flashy look to do when your out, or if you like being extra – it can be for every day to day makeup.

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Using the shade ‘Propose in Prague’, I went in to the crease with a blending brush in a windshield wiper motion. This serves as a nice transition for the harsh black colour.

Taking the darkest shade from the Bourjous Paris quad, I took a flat eyeshadow brush for my ‘v’.

I deepen this ‘v’ using the shade from the Sleek Palette ‘Love from London’, which is this shimmering black shade.

With a precise smudger brush, I take the eyeshadow ‘Meet in Madrid’ and run this on the lower lashline. Using that same black shade, I put this as close as possible to my lashline. I then take ‘Meet in Madrid’ and place it on my inner corner, as a highlight.

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