TV Shows I Have Been Loving

I’m always the last to get on the horse.. is it just me? During the summer I have had a lot of free time on my hands. Resulting in a discovery of many new TV shows thay have kept me company while I’ve been lazing about. Netflix doesn’t posess the best content when it comes to movies, however, their TV shows just entice the viewers. There’s something with Netflix that just draws you in to watch the next episode. Here are 5 Tv Shows I have been loving. Don’t worry, no spoilers here! 

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1. Orphan Black

My family and friends have been raving on about this show, but as I said I’m always the last to get on the horse. This show is about a disheveled woman called Sarah who discovers she’s a clone. It is so interesting, there have been times when I watched it until 9am! Warning: if you start watching this you won’t be able to stop!

2. Once upon a Time

My 14 year old sister got me hooked on this addictive TV show. Although the name sounds like a kiddies show, it is for all ages. It’s basically a show about all the fairy tales ever such Peter Pan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs etc., intertwined with each other to make a compelling series. This show I would suggest for all the Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans out there, like myself, who are enticed with mystical and magical beings.

3. Gossip Girl

If you haven’t already been watching this, then where have you been? This addictive show is about a main charachter, an ‘it’ girl – Serena van der Woodsen. She is taunted by an online gossip guru called Gossip Girl who stalks Serena revealing her life on a website. The whole show is centered around the glamorous lifestyle of the upper class Manhattan society.

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At first when I watched the first episode I thought, oh great another boring highschool cringy show. It is far from that. This show has made me so addicted to it. It all starts with the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom. I’ll leave the rest up to you, if you decide to watch it.

5. Shameless

Funny, drama filled, pulls at your heart strings. This show has it all. It centres around Frank, who is a deadbeat dad and lamentable alcoholic with 7 children. Fiona is like the mother figure in the family although she is only a young adult herself. I highly recommend this show to anyone.

So there you have it. 5 shows I have been loving recently. I apologise if any of you have already watched these and found this useless! An August Favourites will be posted tomorrow!

xo caro

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8 thoughts on “TV Shows I Have Been Loving

  1. ok, so I am in my 40’s, and was addicted to Gosspi Girl. There. I said it lol
    I absolutely loved it, and became obsessed with Blake Lively’s style, make up, everything! Such lighthearted viewing. Good choices x

    Liked by 1 person

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